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Dr. Daniel Santel

Cincinatti Children's Hospital Medical Center

Ohio, USA

Dan Santel received his PhD in high energy physics from the University of Cincinnati in 2013 and has been combining the field of Biomedical Informatics with Neurology and Psychiatric care at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center since 2016. He currently serves as the technical lead at CCHMC’s DECODE ( program. Here he and the DECODE team use clinical data to model disease trajectories for the early identification of pediatric mental illness. While the DECODE program’s initial focus is pediatric anxiety, its long-term goals include the early identification of depression, suicidal ideation, and violence against clinical staff. DECODE builds upon his other work in the Pestian Lab where machine learning methods are used to identify asymptomatic signs of mental illness in written in spoken language. He also was a member of the Veterans Affairs MVP Suicide Prevention Exemplar team, a national collaboration that included the VA, Department of Energy national labs, and CCHMC.

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